About MamiMalista - Simple Living - Motherhood - Faith

What is MamiMalista?

Hi there, thanks for checking us out! My name is Anna and I am the founding MamiMalista behind this blog. The purpose of this space is to share wisdom and resources for the mom who does not have it all together. Some examples of that wisdom are how to fight insecurities as a mom and how to be the mom your kids need.

We are all unique and come from varying backgrounds and experiences, but we share a common blessing, motherhood! I am originally from Mexico and moved to the USA when I was 15 years old. I love both cultures and countries and everything I have learned from my bicultural life.

I married my college sweetheart and we moved back to Mexico to do mission work with a global orphan care organization for almost 4 years of our lives. During that time, we added two more bundles of joy to our family and learned so much. Currently we live close to Cincinnati, Ohio in a beautiful little home out in the country!

Where does my inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from being the mom of 4 beautiful kids and the wife of an amazing…ly hot husband!

I am learning to find contentment in having less and focusing on the little moments that make life worthwhile and lead to lasting memories.

Living in between legos and grace every day for the past 7 years has taught me that stepping on a lego is almost as painful as stubbing your toe and that motherhood without grace will make for a terrible life!

I hope you stay a while and follow me on this journey toward a simpler life where I will share with you as much as I can so you can learn from my mistakes and happy moments!