Protecting Our Kids’ Souls


“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” Matthew 16:26

What would be the benefit of my children mastering a skill if in the process they lose their soul? There is nothing more precious or important than their souls.

What would be the benefit of allowing them to learn and explore, or follow their interest if in the process they lose sight of what is important, if in the process their own sinful desires over power them.

I learned a lesson last night that is costing me very much and it hurts more than I can ever find words for.

I got so entangled in giving them freedom to learn and pursue their interests that I stopped protecting their souls.

I based my whole parenting and homeschool on our freedom in Christ and completely disregarded the true meaning of freedom in him.

Freedom in Christ comes with boundaries because this is how God expresses his love for us. This is why he gave us the law. The law is not a list of arbitrary limits, rules or boundaries. His laws keep us safe, show us perfect love for him and others, and show us the true nature of our Creator.

He is on our side, he is for us, he cares for us and truly wants us to live a life to the fullest. All these characteristics are the bases of godly parenting.

The limits that we set as parents for our kids should not be based on fear, punishment or power. They should be based on love, safety, care and wanting our kids to live true freedom in Christ.

Freedom from a life controlled by their sinful desires.

I want my children to live a life that honors the gift that we find in Christ, a life that reflects a sound mind and self control instead of being controlled by their own instincts. This life comes with limitations that keep us from following a path that leads to death.

Thank you God for your laws. Like David says in Psalm 119, I love your law and its benefits.

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