Why I Choose Not To Push My Kids To Learn Things


It all started with Makana turning two. Two years old is around the time when kids are supposed to be patty training. She wasn’t interested in using the toilet. She enjoyed wearing diapers and not having to worry about taking breaks when she is having the most fun. So I let her.

I learned from patty training my older kids that forcing them to learn something that they are not ready for, only brings stress and hurts our relationship and their desire to learn new things.

He was interested in a new game called “Among us”, so I got him a magazine that tells him everything about it. He read it, he played the game and moved on to something more interesting that he loves: live streaming himself playing all types of videos games.

I wanted Makana to be ready and interested. I was patient and allowed her to learn in the same way that she learned to talk and walk. When she was ready to do these things she mastered them with no tears involved in the process. She is now three and a half years old and is teaching herself to use the bathroom, she decided one day all by herself.

She hasn’t mastered it yet, but she is progressing faster than if I had pushed her to do it when was ready for her to not use diapers any more.

I help sometimes to remind her when I see signs of needing to go to the bathroom but she is so focused on what she is doing that she doesn’t want to stop. I have had those moments too, so I know it is normal. Sometimes we are so focus doing something that we don’t want to stop to even use the restroom or eat.

Kael loves everything that is about building things. He is very good at it. He is exploring this ability sometimes by building with Legos and other times by playing Minecraft. Whatever sounds better at the moment that is what he will pick.

Homeschooling is looking more and more every day like patty training Makana. I know God has given my children the ability and the inspiration to learn new things. The desire to learn new things is ingrained in us. We are image bearers of the Creator of all things. He created us with those skills, the learning and creating skills.

Analise and Makana love sand slime, so I got them five pounds of it. They played for hours and when they were satisfied with their play they moved on to looking at animal books.

I see it on my kids. They all have that spark. The spark that makes everything around them a new wonder to explore. I love the conversations and the joy that is born from discovering something new. I love learning along them and seeing them grow in their understanding of things.

Homeschooling my kids is becoming an amazing experience. I am getting to know them better than ever before and they are some of the most interesting people I have ever known.

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