How To Go Deeper Into Bible Study- Mom Edition


It was around 8:00 pm. I opened the door and there she was. Focused, with the Bible on her lap, a notebook at her side and a pen in her hand. This is the image that I have of my mom.

There were so many nights when I would crawl in bed with her and ask her about what she was reading. Her Bible was filled with highlighted sections and had little notes all around it.

Her notebook was full of little morsels of truth that I couldn’t understand. She has always written in cursive and as a little girl, it just looked like scribbles to me.

Through her Bible study she taught me how to listen to God. It was so simple. She would say, “You want to know what God thinks, read the Bible.” It is funny that now I say the same thing to my kids!

Now, I am the mom and I want my kids to remember me the same way: sitting with my Bible on my lap, a notebook by my side and a pen in my hand, digging deeply into the Word of God.

Bible study is very important and you can find out in my list of three steps to making my home Christ centered some of the reasons why. It is definitely a huge part of how I attack my days and ensure that I have done all I can to plan a productive week.

I researched some methods and I found one that really spoke to my way of learning. It spoke to me because it is very simple to follow.

I will go through the steps I took that made it work for me and a few other things that I added along the way that helped also.

Here is the link to the video just in case you want to watch it. I highly recommend it! Easy 4 step Bible study method

What you will need 

You don’t need a lot of things to study the Bible. Most of it depends on what you prefer. Here are the things I always have with me:

  • Bible- I have a journaling Bible because I like to take notes on my Bible but you can just use a normal Bible.
  • Notebook- I take most of the notes in my Bible but if you don’t have a journaling Bible, having a separate notebook is another option.
  • 6 different color highlighters
  • Pen or pencil
  • internet (this is optional if you struggle with staying focused)

The Four “Rs” Method

1.  Read As you read the Bible, ask God to show you new things and help you understand what you are reading.

I decided to start in Genesis since it is the beginning of the Bible and because I wanted to connect the Old Testament with the New Testament.

It has been four days now since I started deeply studying the Bible and I am still in Genesis chapter 3.

I really like all the insights that are being shown to me by drinking deeply. It is so much richer than before when I would just read without researching.

The first thing that I do is to ask God to guide me through my Bible study and grant me understanding of the scriptures.

2.  Reflect- Ask yourself the question, what does this Scripture mean?

I highlight the things that I want to learn more about or that stick out to me and then I research them on the internet. 

There are many Bible commentaries on the internet. My favorites ones are and

I use six highlighters to mark and remember what the verse is talking about or why it stuck out to me. I use the six highlighters as follows:

  • Pink- Promises (a declaration that God will do something. It isn’t conditional.)
  • Blue- Principle (a foundational truth that is conditional.)
  • Green- Command (an authoritative order from God.)
  • Yellow- Anything about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Messiah and Savior
  • Orange- Anything about family, friendship, marriage, parenting, relationships and women
  • Purple- Anything else

When I am done highlighting and researching I write in my notes what I learned about or things that I want to remember. 

3.  Respond- What can I practically do to live what I just learned?

Right now I am reading Genesis and I am learning so much about the history of the world. Even though it is history, there is still so much I am learning specifically applicable for my life.

Most people, when reading their Bible, focus on the New Testament since it talks more about things that we can relate to and we are able to understand better. 

The New Testament makes it easier to respond to the question, “What can I practically do to live what I learned?” So, I challenge you to go back to the Old Testament and ask yourself the same question.

4.   Request- Use what you learned to guide your prayers.

God speaks to us through His Word. Now is the time to keep the conversation going. Tell him what is on your heart and ask him for help to accomplish what He is asking of you.

Through the beginning of Genesis I am learning that God likes to communicate WITH us, not at us. Communion was the original plan. 

My prayer is that you will find these tools relevant to helping you improve your communion with God. This may even be the best answer to help get you out of a bad mood!

Set the Bible on your lap, a notebook at your side and put that pen in your hand!

Let’s talk again soon…


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