5 Things I Stopped Buying To Prevent Clutter

Things I stopped buying to declutter

In previous blog posts I wrote about how I accomplished decluttering my whole house in less then 30 days. I also wrote about how to keep your house decluttered so you don’t have to go through the process every year. Today, I will share with you five things I stopped buying to prevent clutter and make cleaning easier and faster.

Small Kitchen Appliance Clutter

I love looking at my kitchen counters with nothing on them. It makes my kitchen look clean and spacious. Some of the appliances that I don’t own are: toaster, coffee maker, standing mixer and a blender.

I have learned to get the same or similar results using other types of appliances that I can put away because they are smaller. 

Home Decoration Clutter

I love home decorations but this is something that I stopped buying if I don’t have a plan and a purpose for specifically when and where I will use it.

I wait until I am ready to change the look of a room. I visualize what I want the room to look like and then I enjoy my time buying the specific decorations that will make the room what I want it to be and not regret it later.

Toy Clutter

I stopped buying toys. Andrew and I decided to replace toys with experiences. It hasn’t been easy though. We have explained to our kids the reason why we have made this change.

They have become more creative with their play. They love board games and I believe it has strengthened their relationships with each other and with us. Their relationships are not perfect, but now they rely on each other to make their play time better and more entertaining.

Craft Supplies Clutter

My kids like making crafts but not all types all crafts. Now I focus on buying only the type of supplies that my kids will like. 

Doing this has made them more creative when they are working on a craft. They like to use things that other people would throw away most of the time, like boxes and left over toilet paper rolls.

I don’t keep these things lying around because most of the time they are not thinking about making crafts. So, when they are in the mood for a craft, we look around for what we already have. I make sure I always have the essentials to make it easier on me, things like paint, scissors, glue, tape, colors pencils and crayons.

Book Clutter

I love having books in my house because I want my kids to grow up reading. The bad thing about books is that they end up making a lot of clutter.

Andrew and I decided to only keep books that we would actually want to go back to reference or books that we want to re-read at some point.

Owning e-books instead of paper books is a great option to avoid clutter. You can have your own library on your tablet or phone and never lose them.

Keeping your house decluttered as a family is not easy. Not buying these five things has made it much more manageable for us. Decluttering your house is a process that can be accomplished quickly and remain sustainable with the right mindset and methods.

What are some things that you have stopped buying to make your life easier?

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