5 Ways To Keep Your Home Decluttered


It has been five months since I decluttered my home and never looked back. I don’t miss the things that are now gone. Having less has given me such a huge sense of freedom.

“We have three days to move into our new house. I don’t know if we are going to make it happen.” Andrew felt a little nervous about how we were going to pack all of our stuff and be out of the house that we had just sold.

I sat on the couch and I kept listening to him. I had prepared for this moment. It had taken me two weeks to finish decluttering our house before we listed it for sale and now there wasn’t much to pack because I had taken the time to do that months ago.

Now that we are in our new house, I am slowly putting things away because I want to find the right place for what we own so we can keep our house free of clutter. Through this whole process I have learned five ways to keep my home decluttered and I hope they help you too.

#1 – Buy And Donate – When you live a minimalist or simple life, it doesn’t mean that you will never buy anything ever again. What it means is that you become purposeful with your purchases and at the same time you are able let go of things that only take up space in your house and in your life.

Buy things that will bring joy into your life or that are essential to make your life go smoother. When you buy something, have a rule of thumb to always donate something else.

Having this rule has helped me so much with our kids’ toy clutter. Kids can get so many toys they become overwhelmed and stop playing with them. By having less options, it can help kids to become more creative. (Whose kid hasn’t played for hours in the box of the gift they got!?)

#2 – Make a List Before You Go Shopping – Making lists is not always fun to do, but in this case, they are necessary in order to keep your house decluttered and save money and time. (Who needs more of those!?)

Imagine that you are in the process of redesigning your bedroom. Everything is ready, you only need to buy the decorations. You go to the store without a list. What will the outcome be? 

You will probably buy anything that you see that looks cute individually and then regret it later because it doesn’t go with the overall design. You might take it back and spend more time doing this or you might just keep it, which will create clutter and take up space.

Shopping can still be fun, you just have to be intentional about it.

#3 – Have a place for everything – What is the spot in your house that gathers all the items that don’t have a place? In my house this place is the kitchen counter or a pile somewhere in a corner of the house. 

Assign places by category. By doing this it will make it easier for everyone in the family to find what they are looking for without needing your help and they will be able to put things away and save you time. Your house will also stay decluttered longer this way.

#4 – Make Putting Things Where They Belong a Habit – Not putting items back to where they belong is a habit that most people have. It is easier to just leave something somewhere close to us than walking up the stairs or back to the kitchen and putting it back to it’s assigned place.

Every time you have something in your hand to put away, go do it now instead of procrastinating. You will be happy later that week when you look around and notice that your house is staying clean longer. 

#5 – Stop Buying Baskets And Containers – You will need baskets and containers to organize your house, but once you finish decluttering and assigning a place to all items, STOP buying them. 

Empty baskets and containers make clutter and trick us into wanting to fill them up with things. 

Wait until you have a new category to store and then buy the proper type of container to keep it organized.

Decluttering your house is just the beginning of the process. Keeping it that way is the goal. These five tips will help you to maintain your hard work and make cleaning your house an easier task. This will save you time you can use to do some self-care or some thrift shopping and then figuring out how to style your thrift finds!

Are you ready to start the process of decluttering your house? I have already created a decluttering planner that will help you reach your goal in 30 days or less. It is really easy to follow and you can do it at your own pace!

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