Five Tips For Thrift-Shopping For Unique And Amazing Outfits


If you follow me on instagram, you know that I love thrift-shopping. I am not big on paying retail price for clothing, ever. I almost exclusively shop the sale racks. Not to mention, thrift-shopping for me, is a form of self-care. I also wrote a post on how important it is for mamas to take care of themselves and some tips for doing it in the midst of life’s craziness.

One major downfall to retail shopping is that it is fairly common to end up twinning with someone else, but not in the cute “we planned this” kind of way. I don’t mind it if it happens with my friends but with someone that I don’t know, it’s just awkward. 

Has that ever happened to you before?

This is one of the reasons why thrift-shopping is so great! It allows me to be unique and creative with my style. I can build a whole new wardrobe for less than half the price and have a blast doing it!

The last two times I went thrift-shopping, I only had 30 minutes to shop. I parked the car and I went into the store with a plan of attack. I had to make the most of my 30 minutes because I knew I wouldn’t have time to go again before we left for vacation. (PS, if you want three tips for vacationing with littles, read my post on those here)

So, here are my secret tips that I have spent countless hours learning by looking like a mad woman at Goodwill and Platos Closet.

5 tips for thrift shopping for unique and amazing outfits

1. Thrift-Shopping Requires a Plan

Before you go thrift-shopping, you need to make a plan. Make a list of the things you need so you spend your time looking specifically for those things and you don’t get overwhelmed with everything they have.

Be very specific. Write down things like, “white v-neck t-shirt” or “distressed jean shorts.” It makes it easier because even if you are in the shorts section (where you will find 1000 types of shorts!) your eyes will only go to things that look like what you need.

2. Shop at Stores Located in Affluent Areas

This makes a big difference on both the type and quality of clothing you will find. If the Goodwill you go to has its own donation center, it is more likely that the items sold at that store will come from the area where it is located.

You will have a higher chance of finding clothing items that are gently used and also more name brand and in style. It is worth the drive. The same goes for garage saleing. 

3. Go on Sale Days

Thrift stores have to makes space for new items every week. The thrift stores where I live have sale days. Every Friday they have designated sections that are 50% off. The best day to shop is the last Friday of the month because everything in the store is 50% off. Make sure you get there early so you get the best items!

I signed up for the Platos closet rewards program. The best part about this program is that they notify you of their sale days via text message. The best days to go are when they are having their “Grab A Bag Event.” You can put as many clearance items as you can fit in one bag for just $15.00 dollars!

4. Don’t Forget the Men’s Section

In some stores, the women’s section is over-shopped and cleaned out and you might have a hard time finding something you like. If your style is to wear loose clothes, like sweaters, shirts, shorts and jeans, check out the men’s section. 

You can change the style of any piece of clothing with a little knot, cutting it or folding it. I will write a blog about how to style your thrift finds soon!

5. Make Outfits While Thrift-Shopping

The best way to save money is by making outfits before you buy anything. It is easier to change outfits’ style by swapping the tops rather than the bottoms. 

If I find three bottoms that I like, I make sure to have a total of five different tops (either already at home or in my current shopping cart) that go with all three bottoms. By doing this I am compiling at least 15 different outfits to choose from!

Thrift-shopping can be so much fun, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. Follow my tips and let me know about your experience next time you go thrifting! Don’t forget to pin it so you can refer to this list when you need it!

Let’s talk again soon…

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