5 Tips To A More Simple Motherhood


Tell me if this version of motherhood sounds familiar.

Most mornings, you wake up to the sound of a rooster that sounds more like a little human waking you up. Now you respond to people calling you mommy more than your own name because you hear that wonderful word a minimum of 50 times during the day. Your time alone consists of taking your phone in the bathroom with you since this is the only place that should be off limits but the little humans even manage to cross that sacred line some times. There is a mountain in your house made of laundry that is slowly growing each day.

If your day looks more or less like this, it is because you are part of a special club called MOTHERHOOD!

As I read through this list, it made me laugh because, at least for me, all of these are facts. When one of these things happens, my face contorts and resembles a combination of when you eat sour patch kids and looking into the sun at its brightest.

Right now, I am having one of those moments, (can you picture my face), Analise is supposed to be taking a nap but instead she is jumping up and down in her crib singing, gah. On that note, here are my 5 tips for a simpler motherhood:

five tips to simple motherhood


#1 Alarm Clock to the Rescue
This has been one of the best things I have ever done. I like to wake up before my kids and have some time by myself before I start my day, but the peanuts were waking up way before my brain could start functioning (you know I also have a ten month old that wakes up at least three times through the night). So, I set up an alarm clock in my older kids’ room and they stay in bed until their alarm tells them they can get up. Now I have my time alone and they feel more independent!

#2 Set up a Snack Station
Get different types of snacks that your kids like. I usually get mandarines, pretzels, corn chips, popcorn and granola bars. Divide them in individual portions in baggies or little containers. Every day, leave three different snacks in a basket where they can reach them. Have a snack time in between meals and let them pick the snack that they want for themselves. Kids’ brains function better when they have something to eat or drink every two to three hours which means less melt downs!!!

#3 Water Bottles= Less Dirty Dishes
In my house one of the things that my kids use the most are cups. For some reason they think that every time they need a drink, they need a new cup. So, I went on an adventure to the grocery store and I bought a water bottle for each one of them. Now, every morning I fill up their water bottle and they drink from it throughout the day. No more unnecessary cups. YES!!!

#4 Laundry Monster Go Away
Just follow my Laundry Made Easy Steps and believe me, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel (or should I say mountain!)

#5 Shoes go in the Cabinet
One of the things that makes a lot of clutter in my house are shoes. We like to take our shoes off at the entrance of the house, that way all the dirt stays there, but there are six people in this family and the shoes make yet another mountain in this house. A pretty shoe cabinet fixed this problem. Now all of our shoes go in there and they stay hidden from view. The entrance to our house looks so much better all the time and not only when we have visitors!

Well, Analise never went to sleep so I have to go, but please let me know in the comments if you tried any of these tips. I would also like to know what you do to make your motherhood life easier.

Let’s talk again soon…

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