The Life Of A Boy-Mom And What You Can Expect


I remember the first time a thought came to my mind about having a baby. Although, at the time, I had no idea what the life of a boy-mom would entail. It was during Christmas and my whole family came from Mexico to stay in our little two bedroom apartment.

Can you imagine what it was like to have 12 people in such a tiny space? It was loud, busy and not very comfortable. We had little kids running all over the place, in circles of course because there wasn’t space to run around. They would scream and giggle in excitement but because we were in a two room apartment it sounded like they were screaming and giggling right in our ears!

Most 25 year olds I know would be scared out of having kids from an experience like this, they might even call it a trauma, but it was the opposite for Andrew and I. We would hold my youngest niece and dream about what it would be like to have a baby of our own.

Fast forward 9 months and a few days and our first baby was born and I was officially a boy-mom! Oh how I loved watching his every move. I used to call him my little monkey because if you laid him on your forearm belly down, he would hold onto your arm like a little monkey. He was precious!

Almost three years later we had our second little boy. He came out with big bright eyes. He was ready to take on the world! He couldn’t stop smiling. He is my social butterfly! He loves to cuddle but he also has a very strong case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Don’t you dare go to the room next door without him!

Having two boys made for a very big life adjustment after growing up in a family with only girls and a dad that thought you would break if he played too rough with you.

My Life As A Boy-Mom

Kai and Kael love to wrestle and I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest every time they hit the floor. Of course, I am the referee that decides who won the wrestling match so I have to watch. If they want to play ninjas, I am the one taping them in slow motion and we have to watch the videos over and over again so they can perfect their moves.

Sometimes I become their jungle gym. I mean, they have a real playground outside but what fun is that when you have a mommy to climb on. I guess squishy mommy is more fun to land on! If they want to be warriors and get mud all over their buddies, I am the one making their warrior suits out of leaves and showing them videos of how to do a war cry haka dance.

Do I sound like the perfect boy mom? Well I am not.

My Advice To You

What I want to say with this is that having boys and being a boy-mom can be challenging if you have never been around boys before. I had to learn to let go of my preconceived expectations.

It was hard to understand that boys have a need for adventure. I have made many mistakes trying to keep them in a calm and very neatly made kind of box constructed out of those false expectations.

They are their happiest when they get messy, and thrive when they face a challenge. I think that trying to see life from a little boy’s perspective has made for an easier and simpler life. As a true boy-mom my heart still jumps every time they are fearless but now I wait to hear if they need my help.

If I think they are going too far I stop them and we talk about limits. If they wrestle, we set boundaries such as they can’t touch each others faces. If they want to climb a tree, they can only go to where they can come down by themselves. They have to always tell us where they are going before they go anywhere.

They have limits but in those limits they are allowed to be as boyish as they want!

This is something I have to remind myself every. single. day.

If you are a boy mom, what other tips would you give new moms? I always like to hear from you guys.

Let’s talk again soon!

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