Weekend Getaways, Friends and Mirrors


Yesterday I opened my eyes and the clock next to the bed read a bright, but slightly blurry red,8:00 am. After a fun night with friends, I woke up in a very relaxed state. “I haven’t felt like this in a long time” I thought to myself. “I really needed this.” Makana had slept four hours straight! Four hours of sleep for a mom that wakes up every two hours feels like a full night of restful, fulfilling sleep.

No schedules. Only a group of friends that met in a little college in northern Indiana while dreaming about the future who are now all grown up parents. Breakfast consisted of conversations about the funny things that our kids do and updates about each other’s lives. This is the third year we set time aside to get together in this beautiful, quaint town of Nashville, Indiana.

After breakfast (and five pots of coffee), we were ready to head into town and walk around. If you like hand made art, antiques, ice-cream shops and little restaurants, this is the town for you. It is the perfect place for a quiet getaway!

During lunch I had an amazing conversation with some of my friends. They are Godly women who are full of wisdom. They are the kind of friends that no matter what is being discussed they always point you back to Jesus.

The Importance Of Friends

Making friends as adults doesn’t come easy and it can be even harder as a mom. I remember when we first arrived in Cincinnati, how alone I felt for a while because I didn’t know where to find a community of moms to be part of.

I started going to a play group where I found some of my best friends. They all have influenced my life to become a better mom and wife. I like watching them and listening to them because they inspire me to model their great qualities. This stage of life is hard (you can read about a hard day in a mom’s life here) but it can be easier with friends that become your support group.

As I write this blog post I feel more thankful to know that the list of women that have become role models in my life is long. Just today I was pleasantly surprised by a gift that I found in my mailbox. One of my sweet friends had sent me a shirt to encourage me in my journey of motherhood. (Thank you Chelsea!)

We all become mirrors of our biggest influences. It is easier to be the best version of ourselves when we are surrounded by like-minded people. If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, surround yourself with people that will show you a positive perspective, people that will encourage you, people that will not let you believe the lies this world feeds you.

What type of person do you want to see on the other side of your mirror?

Let’s talk again in a few days 🙂

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