Four Tips to Vanquish Your Laundry Monster


Any one that knows me well knows that I VERY STRONGLY DISLIKE doing laundry!!!!

I let the mountain grow because I just dread it so much. So, this blog post is dedicated to all the mothers of the world that, like me, wish they could pay someone to do it for them. Also, you can fine my Declutter Your Home 30 Day Planner  here to continue with the easy cleaning.

Life would be so much better if clothes didn’t get dirty, if fabric was stainless and odorless. Now that would be a perfect mom’s world.

I have great news for you, though! In true MamiMalista style, I have come up with a process to make laundry much easier.

This is the process I created when I was at my wit’s end. This is how I conquered the laundry monster and vanquished him for good! Bahahaha. (Evil Cruela DeVille Laugh) Just thinking about laundry would truly turn me into a villain of that magnitude.

It is a very easy process. It really only takes you 15 minutes or less (without counting the washing and drying time) to get it done!

Downsize All Wardrobes

    • If I asked you to dress yourself in 5 min you would already have in mind what you would wear before you even open the closet. We all have our favorite few pieces of clothing. They are our go to items.This is very easy to do and shouldn’t take you longer than 30 min. You just need to be true to yourself. Go through every item and decide if it is something that you enjoy wearing, if is not then just put it in a donate pile. I will write a spring/summer capsule blog soon so you guys can see what I did. Do the same thing for every member of your family. I followed the KonMari method, if you don’t know what this is here is a video that explains it to you. Less clothes means less laundry!

Get a Laundry Basket for Each One of Your Family Members

    • Each person in your family gets a laundry basket. You can make them part of the decorations of their room, or get some that are easy to hide if you don’t have a lot of space.Right now I am just using the (slightly un-cute but totally functional) white plastic kind. They get the job done. Each person is responsible for putting their dirty laundry in the basket, including underwear and socks. If you have little kids just do it for them. My 7 and 4 year olds do it themselves. It is a habit that they had to learn. It might take a little bit of time but it is most definitely worth it.

Assign a Laundry Day to Each Person

    • You can make a laundry schedule. On each person’s laundry day you or they do their laundry, fold it and put it away.Since it is only one person’s laundry it usually only takes one load and there is no sorting through clothes, no more huge piles of socks at the bottom of the laundry basket to match and it takes way less time!!!

Wash Towels and Sheets on Two Different Days

    • Assign one day for towels and one day for sheets, this way you won’t feel overwhelmed by how big the laundry looks because they are so bulky. I usually do it the day I have the least clothes to wash.

That is it! Fast and easy. I have been doing this for the past month and laundry hasn’t been an issue since. After eating breakfast I put one load in the washer and I keep going with my day!

Let me know in the comments what chore you dislike the most and what you have done to make it simpler. I always like to learn new tricks 🙂

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