Dreaming, Just Keep Dreaming


Dreaming. What a funny concept. Visualizing something in your mind that doesn’t exist…yet, but that is attainable.

I think dreaming is a gift. Sometimes it can be an escape from your circumstances. An inspiration of what could be.

Dreaming has become essential in my life these days. It has become one of the things that keeps me going even when I think I have given my all. You can read about one of my hardest days here.

Andrew and I are part of a life group at church that meets every Tuesday. At the beginning of every conversation we do highs and lows (highs are good things that happened during the week and lows, well you get the idea.)

I didn’t have to think too much to know what my low would be. This past week has been very challenging as a mom and as a human being.

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Andrew and I felt disappointment when an offer to buy our house fell through. He is still working on getting his new marketing agency going ( you can check his web site here) and he even drove Lyft on Saturday night to make a little extra money. On top of all that, I had a really tough day as a mom that made me question so many things.

There was something different about my low though. It didn’t end on a hard note. I noticed that in the middle of our tough circumstances we were still dreaming.

There is nothing stopping us, so our dreams for our family, and ourselves individually have become bigger and we are actually pursuing them. Andrew and I’s relationship has become stronger because of this. Our conversations are more about the future then our difficulties.

The uncertainty of my life has pushed me to pursue new things. Things that I never thought I would enjoy, like writing. Pursuing new things has made me feel less insecure and less afraid of failure.

It feels like God allowed this to happen to inspire me to live my life to the fullest and with purposeful direction.

Every time I write a blog post it feels like the aspirations that I have for my life and my family get more reachable and I become a little bit more honest with myself and vulnerable with you. When I use the word vulnerable I don’t mean it in reference to my surroundings but rather in making it easier for God to use me to encourage women, specifically moms, to be inspired by motherhood.

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This world keeps telling women that becoming a mom will lessen their potential. Everywhere we look there is some type of propaganda that is purposefully undermining the value of motherhood, making us feel like we have to choose between raising leaders and pursuing a dream.

I am here to tell you something different. Your dream and your purpose may be the same thing! It will be more challenging but it can be done. Motherhood is not a hindrance to achieving our dreams, it is where the creativity to ascertain those dreams is born.

What is something new that you would like to try? Share with me in the comments.

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