Baby Teething, No Sleeping


Imagine a magical time with me, if you will, when you were able to decide when you could be sleeping. Soft pillows, warm blankets, 8-9 uninterrupted and restful hours, bird chirping as the sun rises and peaks through the curtains… Blissful, peaceful, tranquil sleep.

[Insert record scratch noise here]

Then one day it all goes away and now there is someone else controlling your sleeping schedule? If you are a mother, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I remember the night after we brought our first baby home. Becoming a mom has been, by far, the biggest transition of my entire life. This coming from someone that moved countries when she was 15, moved countries again when she was 25 and moved countries again when she was 29 with three kids. (More on all of that here.)

I felt so hopeless. I loved my baby but I had no idea what I was doing. That first night was the hardest. He would wake up every two hours and I was extremely tired. I walked out of my room in tears because I really believed that I would never sleep again!

I thought I would feel as tired as I felt that night for the rest of my life.

I didn’t though, not because my kids have been wonderful sleepers, not at all. God created mamas with the ability to function with less sleep. If you are a first-time mama, just remember this: THERE IS HOPE. You will sleep again…(when they are one or two, but you will!)

Today this is the stage of life I find myself in yet again, but now with three older kids as well. I have a nine month old baby that hasn’t slept through the night for the last nine months of our lives.

So what does it feel like to be the mom of four kids and have to wake up at least 3 times every single night?

One word: EXHAUSTED!

We live in a small three room bedroom house with one bathroom (very challenging for a family of 6.) For now Makana, our nine month old, is sleeping in the same room with us. It makes it easier to wake up with her through the night.

Right now she is also teething, so the pain is making her wake up more and sometimes she doesn’t go right back to sleep. We have to sleep with a noise machine because every noise might wake her up. Even the sound of us rustling blankets or sheets. Sometimes I feel like a spy in the dark, lol.

Oh Makana! she is the sweetest little thing. I love how she tries to eat my face, a.k.a baby kisses. At least being able to feel her soft skin in the middle of the night has a somewhat salutary effect to help balance out the sleepless nights. That plus knowing that on Saturday I get to sleep in! I have a wonderful husband that wakes up with all the kids so I can sleep. He is an amazing man!

If you are going though this stage of life, HANG ON. Don’t wish it away, but know that little baby will grow and before you know it, will start walking and talking and then ignoring you, but that is a blog for another day!

Now it is your turn to help our community of mamas (and me!) What are some things you do or have done when your baby was teething to make this stage a little bit easier?

Till next time…

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