The Day That My Boys Became My Heroes


My husband Andrew called me around one in the afternoon to tell me that we had a showing at 5:30 that night. I was at home homeschooling the boys at the time.

Four hours!

Just four hours to clean and re-stage the entire house before I had to be out. Sounds like enough time right? Well it isn’t when you have four kids and have to clean twice because they are making messes in places you have already cleaned…

I was like a mad women scurrying around the house… until I went down to the basement. You can read more about how I decluttered my house to make cleaning easier and faster HERE.

I started picking up the toys when I saw something move in my peripheral vision. I looked really fast to see what it was but it stopped moving so I thought it was a toy. I had to turn really fast because I saw it again. This time it didn’t stop moving, but it was moving really slow.



It just kept looking right at me…or it felt like it did! I threw a ball right at it but it only moved a couple of inches. Why did it not run and hide!! I needed to finish homeschooling with the boys and keep cleaning and this mouse was standing it’s ground.

I threw one more toy to no avail. The mouse kept teasing me!

It became a staring contest between the mouse and I… the mouse won!

I ran upstairs to call Andrew to tell him that there was a mouse in the basement and it wasn’t moving. I thought: “Maybe Andrew can drive all the way here from work and get this mouse out of the house…”

That is reasonable right?

Well instead he laughed and said “open the basement door and shew the mouse out”

I thought to myself, he wants me to do WHAT?! (Related side note: Andrew made me do this a few weeks ago with a visiting dog and it didn’t work. I guess animals are not scared of me)

Then he said, “ask Kai and Kael to help you get it out”

Hey! Now that was a good idea!

So I did. They were so excited about the mouse. It became a challenge to them. Oh to be a little boy!

They were so brave. They took the mouse out of the house and even found a hole for it in the ground.

My boys became my heroes that day and I felt so proud of them. The best part is that the mouse is out of this house!

Are you afraid of mice? or do you think they are cute innocent creatures?

Till next time…

  1. Apr 24, 2018 2:48 pm

    Me encanta todo lo que escribes!!!!!!

    • Apr 24, 2018 5:00 pm


      Gracias Pris! Pues ahora estoy escribiendo todos los días! 🤪

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