From Chaos To Tranquility (+ a free declutter eBook)

declutter your home for minimalism

Minimalism and simple living can be just a lifestyle that some people choose to follow, but for other women like me, these two little terms have completely transformed our motherhood journey and has taken us into a life of tranquility.

Before I go any further though, you should read my last post on what is going on in our lives that led to this change.

Andrew and I were not sure about having more babies after our third one, and as time went on we really enjoyed the freedom that we were having.

I remember the day when my body started to feel different and I knew… number four was on its way!

I became an emotional roller coaster. One second I would be dreaming of kissing a little fuzzy body and the smell, (oh that baby smell!) but then the mountain of laundry that never shrank would bring me back to reality.

I love being a mom, but the thought of adding another little human to my already chaotic life made me feel panicked. I needed my life to become simpler, easier, peaceful and full with tranquility. I recall watching the documentary Minimalism and how much that lifestyle appealed to me. I wanted the freedom and ease of their every-day life but repackaged for the reality of a family of six.

How I Begun My Journey To Tranquility

I started reading books and scouring Pinterest for ideas (Check out all my inspiration HERE and also HERE). I wanted to know all that there was to know about this newfound lifestyle that offered the simplicity that I so desired to experience in my life.

So, I began my journey to a minimalist life, where less means more.

More time for my kids because the laundry mountain is no more.

More dreams coming true because there is no debt holding me back.

More of what I like to do because my house is staying clean (and even more now because we have realtors showing it, which it is very difficult with four kids!)

I started by decluttering my house and deep cleaning it (it helps that we are trying to sell it!) With four kids, this is a process that can take patience and time and those are two things that I don’t have in abundance.

I know how hard it is to organize your house and keep it that way. I mean, we are still living in it! So I followed a simple process every day. Bite size steps got me to where I am now. My kids keep making messes, the kitchen is still getting dirty and the laundry is still never ending. The difference now is that it only takes 15 min to clean up, everything has a place and it takes less time to find things.


How You Can Do It Too!

I created an e-book for you guys. It goes into detail on what I did every day to reach my goal of having a completely decluttered house and more tranquility in my life. It is a Declutter Your Home 30 Day Planner. I explain the process and I give you some tips as well!

Like I said, every day is a bite size step to get to your goal!

Download the 30 Day De-Cluttering Planner!

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I am still going through the process of learning what simplicity would look like in every area of my life, like parenting, relationships, even eating and I would love to share with you what I learn through it all.

Now tell me in the comments about something that you already do to make your life simpler and more peaceful.

Till next time…

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