How to Enjoy Your Life In the Midst of Hard Times

Right now is a very uncertain time in my life.

(You can read about who I am here.)

My husband is searching for a job and he only has one more month before his current job ends. When that happens, we will have no income. We are trying to sell our house so we can pay off most of our debt, but without an income, paying off debt can be very challenging. So in our current situation there are no job offers and no house offers.

Do I worry about it?

YES I DO, who wouldn’t?

I don’t think I have known a person that has never worried at some point in their lives. There is a difference in my worrying though. I have found a way to not allow it to control my every thought or rob me of the ability to enjoy life’s best moments.

This is something that I didn’t used to be able to do. I would worry endlessly and my whole day would be ruined. I remember coveting my husband’s ability to be positive and optimistic even through hard times.

One day I was so upset about a difficult thing we were going through that it was effecting my behavior. He looked at me and said “I know how frustrating this is, but we can’t change it right now. Are you going to let it steal your joy? At that moment his comment was spot on, but my brain wasn’t able to receive it (insert eye roll here). I’ve had many moments like that, oh the stubbornness!


So what has changed?

Two things have shifted my mindset.

The first one is this verse:

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” 1 peter 5:7

I know that no matter the outcome, God cares for me. He is the source of my joy, not the things that I have or the places I go. He provides in the most unexpected ways. The best part is that I get to live in His plan and enjoy the benefits.

The second one was having an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation for my life. You know how sometimes we use the phrase “eat your food because there are starving kids in Africa that don’t have anything to eat,”with our kids?  Well, as true as that is for our kids, how many things do we choose to focus on and miss the big picture as parents and adults?

Right now as I am writing this blog post there are women that are being sold into prostitution, orphans that are dying from hunger, mothers that are losing their kids to AIDS and the list can go on. Our problems are not diminished because of their situations, but they do put our lives into perspective.

I remember my time as a missionary in Mexico, one of the women I met was a widowed mother of three children. She had a really hard past and her every-day life consisted of making ends meet for her kids. She didn’t always know what they were going to eat the next day but her optimism was contagious.

She had a goal in mind, which was for her kids to have a better life than she did, and that was her drive. She was always laughing even in the hardest of times and she never gave up.

It is her example and knowing that God cares for me that have brought me to a life-changing conclusion: Our present circumstances don’t define our future. Not even the next minute of our lives!

How are you feeling today? Is there uncertainty in your life? Let me pray for you 🙂

Till next time…

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14 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Your Life In the Midst of Hard Times

  1. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de escribir, se que será de grande bendición para ti y quienes te leemos. Yo también cuando me siento desanimada pienso en todas esas personas que están en una situación realmente desesperada y de gran dolor y eso me hace sentir tan bendecida que por un momento olvido por lo que estoy pasando! Gracias a Dios que tiene cuidado especial por sus hijos amados! Un abrazo, Annita!

  2. Great job Anna!! I wish I would have had your perspective at your age. My worry would have been far less. So proud of you!!

    1. Thank you Kathie! I really appreciate your comment. I am still learning and you guys have been a great example for us!

  3. I am praying for you both as you navigate through the unknown journey you are on. I struggle with worry so often but constantly remind myself that I can only take ONE step at a time and deal with what is in front of me at this moment. I’ve even written the word “one” on my hand before to remind myself. I’ve found so many times my mind can wander on a trail thinking about a million possibilities and it robs me of being present with the people or the situation I am currently in. One day I will look back at each step that was taken and realize how and why I got to where I am and that God was SO much smarter than I ever could be with the plan.

    1. Thank you so much for praying for us. We really need it! I are trusting in God’s plan for our lives through it all. Thank you for your wise words 💗

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